Muskan Choudhary

Cell death

This article includes cell death, its types, causes. Necrosis and its types are described with their morphology, microscopic appearance and examples.

Preservation methods of cadaver

Preservation is appropriate when the cadaver is safe from harm, destruction or decomposition. For preservation treat the cadaver with special chemicals i.e.. embalming which includes several preservation methods. Methods for preservation of cadavers – Modern method Ancient ayurvedic method Modern preservation methods- Modern methods work on the principle of preserving the cadaver for a long …

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Definition and branches of ANATOMY

This topic deals with the definition and branches of anatomy available. Definition ana – continuous tomy – cutting Continuous cutting is called anatomy . Anatomy is the study of structure and relationship among structures . Anatomy was first studied through dissection of cadavers so it is called cadaveric anatomy. Cadaveric anatomy Living anatomy Surface anatomy …

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