Prasuti Tantra

प्रसूति तंत्र (Prasuti Tantra)

Hygiene (स्वस्थवृत)

Part B                                               50 marks

Prathamika swasthya samrakshana (Primary Health Care)

  • Definition, principle, elements, levels of health care.
  • Structure at village, sub centre, PHC, CHC, Rural hospital levels.
  • Health insurance, Private agencies, Voluntary health agencies, NGOs and AYUSH sector.
  • Role of Ayurveda in Primary Health Care.


Parivara kalyana Yojana (Family welfare Programmes)–

  • Demography, demographic cycle; life expectancy.
  • Family planning, methods of family planning.

Matru sishu kalyana Yojana –

  • MCH programme Ante natal, intra natal, post natal, neo natal care.
  • Child health problems and indicators of MCH Care.

Preventive geriatrics –

  • Problems of elderly, prevention and control measures.

World Health Organisation –

  • Objectives, structure and functions.

International health agencies –

  • United Nations agencies, Health work of bilateral agencies.

Alma Ata declaration

National Health Policy

Health statistics – Definition, Sources, uses Data collection, Classification, Presentation. Vital statistics-Morbidity rates, Mortality rates Fertility rates.

Health survey

Swasthya prashasana (Health Administration) – Health administration at Central including AYUSH, state, district, village levels.

National health programmes

Tuberculosis (RNTCP)

Leprosy (NLEP)


Blindness (NPCB)


Diabetes (NDCP)

Cancer (NCCP)

Guinea worm

Vector born disease control programme


All the upcoming national health programmes

RCH programme

Universal Immunization Programme.

National Nutritional Programmes – IDD, Vitamin A prophylaxis, Mid day meal, anemia control programmes.