It is a chronic disease characterized by a inflammatory stiffening of the joints.

Common site :- Sacro-iliac joint

Causes :- Genetic marker HLA-B27 is responsible for this disease.


  • Inflammation of synovial membrane known as synovitis
  • Cartilage destruction
  • Bone erosion
  • Leads to fibrosis
  • Bone fusion (ankyloses)
  • Spine permanently stiff.

Clinical feature:-

  • Pain and stiffness of the lower back
  • Pain worst at night
  • Pain subsides after some exercise

Examination :-

  1. SLR TEST (straight leg raise)
  2. GAENSLEN’S TEST :-The hip and knee jonits of the opposite side are flexed to fix the pelvis , and the another side of hip joint is hyperextended over the edge of the table.This arises the pain.

This is a multi system disease, so that the other body organs may affect in severe cases.

  1. Cardiovascular system:- cardiomegaly, pericarditis
  2. Neurological:- signs of spinal cord compression
  3. Occular:- iritis


  • X-RAY :- Bamboo spine, osteophyte
  • ESR :- Elevated
  • Haemoglobin :- anaemia
  • HLA B-27 Positive

Management :-

  • Analgesics :- eg diclofenac
  • NSAIDS(non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs )
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery

Ayurvedic management :-

  • There are many gugglu preparation which is anti inflammatory in nature. Like trayodashang gugglu , yograj gugglu etc
  • Agnikarma
  • Kati basti
  • Swedana

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