विरेचन कर्म की कार्मुकता (Mode of action of VIRECHAN KARMA)

आयुर्वेद मतानुसार:-
  • विरेचक औषधि (उष्ण, तीक्ष्ण,सूक्ष्म, व्यावायी,विकाशी )
  • स्व वीर्य से हृदय में प्रवेश
  • धमनियों में प्रवेश (हृदय आश्रित)
  • स्थूल तथा अणु स्रोत में प्रवेश
  • सम्पूर्ण शरीर में व्याप्त दोष संघात का विच्छिन्न करना
  • अणुप्रवण भाव से द्रव्य का आमाशय में प्रवेश
  • जल व पृथ्वी महाभूत की प्रधानता के कारण अध: प्रवृत्ति
  • विरेचन का होना
Modern point of view:-

The process of Virechana is regulated and controlled by a special centre situated near the medulla oblonganta in the brain. When the Virechana drugs stimulate the purgation centre, indirectly vomiting center is relaxed.
Sacral plexus of the spinal cord also helps in controlling and regulating the act of purgation, and it is also controlled and regulated by local reflex actions.
Simultaneously, the accessory muscles of the abdomen are also activated and helps in propelling the faecal matter towards anus along with the diaphragm.

The increased hydrostatic pressure of the matter reached to the large intestine along with the mass peristaltic movements induces a slight mechanical pressure in the sacra plexus (2nd, 3rd and 4th sacral nerves) and lumber nerves situated at the lower levels of spinal cord.
Because of these irritations, motor reaction occurs which relaxes the illiosacral valve muscles and anal sphincter muscles.
The respiration is arrested momentarily and diaphram is activated through motor response and it exerts more pressure and presses the transverse colon downwards.
As a combination of the mechanical pressure and associated relexation of anal sphincter muscles, the material as a whole is expelled from the body downwards through anus.

Mechanism of purgation :-
  • Ingestion of virechak drug
  • Irritates the gastric mucosa
  • Stimulation in the purgation center
  • Motor response from purgation center
  • Increases the peristaltic movement and secretion of gastric, gallbladder, pancreas enzymes
  • Increase hydrostatic pressure
  • Relaxation of anal sphincter and illio caecal valve
  • Purgation starts

This is the most probable mechanism of VIRECHAN KARMA process.

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